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Heart of Virginia Beekeepers
Annual Conference

January 13, 2024
9:00AM - 4:00PM
Hampden-Sydney College
Farmville, VA

Our Mission

To support and uplift the beekeepers of Central Virginia through education and

The Conference

The Heart of Virginia Beekeepers are back at it again with the SECOND annual beekeeping conference for the central region! The conference will feature two seminars from keynote speaker, Dr. Lawrence J. Connor, world-reknown honeybee expert, author, speaker, and photographer. His repertoire includes a slew of books we all know and love, such as Bee-sentials, Queen Rearing Essentials, Increase Essentials, and the invaluable Honey Bee Biology & Beekeeping! 

What's NEW!


The Venue:

Hampden-Sydney College

The conference will be held within the historic and pastoral campus of Hampden-Sydney College.  Founded in 1775, H-SC is as much a part of Virginia's rich history as Jamestown!  The conference will be centered within Snyder Hall of the Kirk Athletic Center.  It is easily accessible from the available parking lots, and your approach will be faciliated by signage and available ambassadors.  We will ensure accessibility to all.

The campus is located just outside of the town of Farmville, so you will still have the centrally located conference without the pains of town parking!

If you have any young men interested in the option of an education at a prestigious college, walk around campus and get a feel for Hampden-Sydney College!


The Location:

Farmville, VA

Placed conveniently centered within the state of Virginia, Farmville is a bustling college town located almost equidistant to Lynchburg, Charlottesville, and Richmond.  It is best known for the renowned luxury furniture shop, Green Front, located along the historic stretch of Main Street and adjacent to the serene Appomattox River.

There are plenty of options for sleeping accomodations, including the stately and luxurious Hotel Weyanoke.


Hoping to catch a brisk winter hike while you're here???  High Bridge Trail is just across Main Street!

History buff?  Farmville is host to an abundance of museums and landmarks, including  Hampden-Sydney College, founded in 1775 and the oldest private charter in the south.


The Community:


The conference is being hosted by the Heart of Virginia Beekeepers, a local association dedicated to supporting local beekeepers (beeks!) and educating the public about the role honey bees play in the region. The club hosts monthly meetings, a mentor program, and a yearly new beekeepers class to provide support to beekeepers. 

This conference is sure to bring a wide range of experience and perspectives from the realm of honey bee keepers!  As we all know (or quickly discover), management techniques differ from region-to-region, apiary-to-apiary, and person-to-person.  

  Facilitated by the region's leading professionals, our breakout sessions are tailored to encourage interative  conversations among our unique community.

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